Vodka Bulbash

In 2010 the plant launches a new product – vodka “Bulbash”. The grain base of vodka is completed by the grain wheat infusion and this harmonious composition gives vodka softness and fullness. A special sort of raisins and honey give the taste of the product a light spicy note.

New original design of the bottle:
— ergonomic form
— exclusive branding of the bottle
— original label

Exclusive capsule Siena (Vodka “Bulbash” – is the first product in the world that corked up with this capsule):
— new generation of solutions of protection from falsification proposed by Guala Closures Group.
— Combined hood with aluminum capsule and plastic insertion, indication of opening appears with the first opening
— Effective protection: valve + lid with gate

Composition: artesian improved drinking water, ethil rectified alcohol from food raw material, class « Lux », alcohol infusions of raisins, oat flakes, sugar, natural honey

Available volumes: 0.5l