VINEXPO 2009 in Bordeaux

International exhibition of vine and alcoholic beverages VINEXPO was first organized in 1981 by the Bordeaux Industrial and Trade Chamber. For the years of its existence VINEXPO established itself as one of the most important events of the branch in the world. This is also proved by statistics. In 1981 524 exhibitors presented their products (96 of them were foreign), then VINEXPO was visited by 11.000 professional guests from 50 countries of the world, in 2007 the number of exhibitors reached 2.322, they represented 47 countries and the number of visitors exceeded 47.000 people. VINEXPO – is not just an exhibition where a wide range of alcoholic beverages is represented. It is also a place to exchange the experience, to debate, to carry out conferences, seminars with participation of the leading companies of the world involved in the production of alcoholic beverages. Here the condition and the prospects of further development of the branch are defined. Separate conferences are devoted to the balanced and moderate consumption of alcohol. Belarus was first represented on this exhibition by the trade mark “Bulbash”. Such events are very useful for the development of the brand and the expansion of export markets, especially, because many western companies showed their interest in the spirits “Bulbash” and “Dobra Shklyanka”.
The visitors tested spirits with pleasure and as a rule as they have tasted one they asked to taste the others. And not without pride we can say that all visitors of the stand and participants of tasting liked “Bulbash”, they tasted our traditional spirits, asked about their history, about Belarus and were pleasantly surprised by the naturalness of our beverages.