Cowberry liquor

“Bulbash Brusnichnaya”
It is quite difficult to imagine a plant from our forest that can be a real competitor to the beauty and usefulness of cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idea), which smarty bushes look beautiful in any time of the year. Cowberry can compete with an oak in longevity: it can exist up to 300 years! Cowberry water was used as refreshing drink after taking bath, after fat and abundant food since olden days. Liquor “Brusnichnaja” is generally recognized thanks to its unique bitterish taste.

Silver medal at the PRODEXPO 2009 in Moscow

Composition: artesian softened water, ethyl rectificationed alcohol De Lux, extracts of: cowberry, chokeberry, blackberry, citric acid, sugar sirup and color. Alc: 40%

Available volumes: 0,5l