Spirit on ashberry with brandy

“Bulbash Ryabina s konjakom”

 There have always been many magical qualities that have been attached to ash berry. It was considered that ash berry can prolong person’s life and a necklace made from ash berry protects from diseases. Besides the Slav honoured rowan as a tree of woman’s beauty and strength. There was a sign: if rowan beads that are hanging near a lady’s bed break soon marriage is unavoidable. <div»>Combination of slightly astringent flavour of ash berry and brandy creates absolutely new, dainty and delicate taste of “Rjabina s Konjakom”. <div»>  <div»>

  • Gold medal at the INTERDRINK 2006 in Moscow
  • Silver medal at the PRODEXPO 2009 in Moscow

Composition: artesian softened water, ethyl rectificationed alcohol De Lux, extract of ashberry, cognac, sugar sirup, color.

Alc: 40%
Available volumes: 0,2l; 0,5l; 0,7l.