Cranberry spirit

Cranberry spirit

“Bulbash Kliukvennaya”
In Belarus cranberry has been used since ancient times, and even the name of the berry came from the word “kliukat”. It means characteristic movement of hazel grouse and black grouse while eating berries. Our ancestors considered that cranberry calms nerves, and not only pectin substances and organic acids can be found in these berries but vitamins A, B and C as well. . Cranberry was highly valued for its ability to slake your thirst, and to tone you up, and fruit drinks from cranberry can be used as a vitamin drink.


  • Diploma for perfect quality at the INTERDRINK 2006 in Moscow
  • Diploma for perfect quality at the PRODEXPO 2009 in Moscow

Composition: artesian softened water, ethyl rectificationed alcohol De Lux, extract of cranberry, sugar sirup, extracts of dry berries: elder-berry, blackberry,  chokeberry, citric acid, color.

Alc: 40%

Available volumes: 0,2l; 0,5l, 0,7l.