Vodka on Birch buds

Bulbash on Birch buds (Na byarozavyh pupyshkah). Belorassians always had special attitude to birch (Betula alba). People took great care of the tree and planted it trying to make safety ring of birches around the house. Traditional the birch symbolized light, shine, cleanness, fertility, growth and strength of the life. It is considered that this tree takes away tiredness, neutralizes negative consequences of everyday stresses, promotes recovery of emotional harmony.


Bronze medal at the INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALENGE 2009 in London
Diploma for perfect quality at the PRODEXPO 2008 in Moscow
Diploma for perfect packing at the «GUST 2007» in Minsk

Composition: artesian softened water, ethyl rectificationed alcohol De Lux, flovored alcohol of lime-blossom, flovored alcohol of birch buds, extract of lime’s flowers, sugar sirup.
Alc: 40%

Available volumes: 0,2l; 0,5l; 0,7l.