Hlebnaya de Luxe

«Bulbash Hlebnaja de Luxe» is the first premium class nastoyka in Belarus. This product is the innovation that “Bulbash” trade mark introduces in perfection and continuation of the traditions in producing alcoholic beverages. Creating this vodka we use only crystal-clear water from artesian springs, first-class grain spirit, infusion of rye rusks that are made from specially created for this infusion bread and infusion from first-class hard oat sorts imported from Finland. Natural honey unites and satiates the two infusions making the taste of Hlebnaya “De luxe” full and saturated.



  • Gold medal at the «Wines and bevereges 2007» in Minsk
  • Diploma for perfect quality at the «PRODEXPO 2008» in Moscow
Composition: artesian softened water, ethyl rectificationed alcohol De Lux, flovored alcohol of rye rusks, extract oat flakes, natural honey.
Alc: 40%
Available volumes: 0,5l