Linden with honey spirit

Linden with honey spirit

«Bulbash lipa s medom»

Usually at the end June a marvelous smell that attracts bees hovers in a linden forest or even close to a single blooming tree. Therefore among people it was named “honey tree” and linden honey owing to its gustatory and curative qualities is considered to be the best among many sorts. That is why linden flowers are used to create individual taste and fragrance in our spirit “Lipa s medom” that combines best qualities of linden flowers and honey fragnance.


  • PRODEXPO STAR at the PRODEXPO 2006 in Moscow
  • Gold medal at the INTERDRINK 2006 in Moscow
  • Gold medal at the PRODEXPO 2008 in Moscow

Composition: artesian softened water, ethyl rectificationed alcohol De Lux, extracts of: lime, farina with honey, natural eatables dye “caramel”, sugar sirup. Alc: 40%


Available volumes: 0,2l; 0,5l; 0,7l.